If we look up the word ‘consult’ in the dictionary, we find that it means “to seek information or advice from someone”. Words related to this verb are evidently ‘consultancy’, “a professional practice that gives professional advice within a particular field” and ‘consultant’, “the person who provides said professional advice’.
Since GarcíaDiéguez Consulting S.L. (Stage specialities) was founded, we realised that these definitions were very much attached to their 19th century roots, and being an innovative company, we decided that we would have to broaden their meaning to our way of thinking.
We now like to call our consultancy our ‘Virtual Office’ and the consultants the ‘Multidisciplinary Team’.  This would, in turn, mean that our knowledge and techniques are not limited to location or professional discipline, allowing us to allocate the perfect consultant for each consultation, especially because means of communication and transportation are also undergoing constant development.
Given our eagerness and ideology, GarcíaDiéguez Consulting embarked its journey with numerous collaborators: technicians, scientific, theoretical and practical specialists, all renown in their subject areas. This therefore allowed us to work in a wide field, delivering reports and providing expert opinions, drafting project designs for stage specialities, with efficiency, speed and an excellent performance.
Our consulting services for preliminary designs, base designs and working projects for different stage specialities are currently most in demand. However, we do also provide services for rehabilitations, restorations, reformations, adaptation and innovation of equipment for performance venues.