Since the beginning of the creation of Garcia Dieguez Consulting, SL Scenic Specialties, we perceive that the definitions, according to the DRAE, were conceptually rooted in the XIX century, when in fact act with a horizon of the XXI century. We decided to impose a sense innovative and magnifier to these concepts dramatically. Under this effort and ideals, our Consulting Garcia Dieguez counting began work with a large list of contributors all Knowledge Areas accurate, both scientists and technicians, Theoretical and Practical, proven professionalism and notorious, that enabled us to work in a wide range, from reports and opinions to drafting Project Execution Architecture and Engineering Shows, with great efficiency, speed and excellence in their achievements. The Preliminary Advice to Architects, Project Execution in Basic and different specialties Performing the job requested is currently not our business to escape the Rehabilitation, Restoration, Reform, Adaptation and Innovation simple Premises Equipment or Facilities Show that are included in each of these meanings.