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GDConsulting Theatre Consultants blueprint

Theatre Projects

We carry out complete designs for stage specialities for spaces and buildings used for shows and events. Our services start at the first stage of the preliminary design and base design, through to the complete definition of the working project and the as-built and final documentation. Our projects include documents that are common in any architectural or engineering project: Project narratives, technical specifications and conditions, calculations annexes, diagrams, measurements and estimations. We develop each and every one of the determining aspects of the building design process:


We analyse the suitability of the scale, shape and size of the spaces, as well as its planned use, studying each problem associated with the ergonomics of public spaces and the synergy of the functioning of the different areas of space: for the public, artists, technicians, logistics and stock.


We study the building so as to find solutions that provide maximum efficiency. We provide the work team with the necessary guidelines so the different centre areas can be organised in the best way possible, and the space can be optimised when events take place. We create the detailed building documentation and supervise all parties that are involved in the project. Within our multi-disciplinary team we are supported by artists, architects, engineers and designers. From the very start of the constructive process we are able to consider every situation possible, avoiding later difficulties while the works are being carried out.


Using the Use program, we are able to propose equipment for each of the stage specialities in accordance with the uses and needs required. Every possible interference between different equipment and installations, and technicians that install/use them is analysed and studied. We study the technical alternatives and compare ability and costs. As such, all of these aspects are reflected in every one of our specialities, and as such, we structure our projects accordingly:

–       Stage architecture.

–       Stage structure.

–       Stage mechanics.

–       Stage textiles.

–       Stage lighting.

–       Stage sound.

–       Communications systems.

–       Projection and Multimedia.

–       Infrastructures.

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