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Technical Design and Stage Proposals

Our technical knowledge and experience is used by our team in design, architecture, engineering and scenery art for organisations, events venues, designers and stage companies for installing and assembling stages. We carry out projects that integrate different sound, lighting, and projection and multimedia systems for stage proposals. We support the stage designers with constructive formalisation of their scenographic projects, supervising technical characteristics such as: structural feasibility, optimisation of transportation and assembly processes, standardisation, ensuring safe use and adaptation of the spaces to different technical and formal dimensions. We give advice on the selection of the equipment and building materials, creating the necessary technical documentation: project narrative, calculations, diagrams and measurements. When organising shows in locations that are not usually used for this purpose (streets, squares, gardens, monuments, etc.) we define and propose equipment and infrastructure needed for the event’s stage, considering aspects related to design, production, construction, logistics, accessibility, crowd control, power supply and safety.

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