García Diéguez Consulting make performance spaces of the future a reality.
We create Theatres, Conference centres, Cinemas, and Auditoriums, always integrating the latest technologies for the benefit of the show and the user.
The GDConsulting team has a vast experience in Performance venues and Community Spaces, allowing their designs to integrate the latest technologies in fields dedicated to the arts, events, and the general public. Our main focal point is the artists, technicians and the audience, always ensuring that all of them receive the best experience from the project.
Use, function, art and performance reach a new level by optimising resources to the maximum. Customised solutions created by technicians, architects and engineers that specialise in performance venues. Creating functional spaces from their in-depth knowledge of the stage and operational reality associated with the world of show business.
Dedicated to quality and efficiency, we design the best creative solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients, leveraging our vast experience.