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García Diéguez Consulting is a Consultancy specialized in Architecture and Scenic Engineering with extensive international experience developing projects in the Construction, Entertainment and Performing Arts sector.

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We are Consultants 

García Diéguez Consulting  makes the stage spaces of the future a reality.

We develop Theatres, Conference Centers, Cinemas, Auditoriums…always integrating the latest technologies at the service of the show and the user. 

Our extensive experience about the Entertainment and Community Spaces sectors, it allows us to integrate the latest technological advances in environments dedicated to the arts, events and the general public. Artists, technicians and the public are at the center of our projects, always achieving the best experience for each one.  Use, function, art and spectacle reach a new level thanks to the maximum optimization of resources. Tailor-made solutions made by technicians, architects and engineers specialized in stage spaces. Creating functional spaces from the deep knowledge of the scenic and operational reality of the entertainment world.

Committed to quality and efficiency, we design the best creative solutions to respond to the needs of our clients, taking advantage of our extensive experience.

GDConsulting has the experience and knowledge you need

If you require a team of professionals specialized in multiple areas of scenic architecture and engineering, at García Diéguez Consulting we can help you achieve excellence.


Scenic Consulting 

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy gives the meaning of the word Consultancy both to the activity, and to the place or office where the Consultant works, that is, the person who gives his opinion consulted on a matter.

From the beginning of the creation of García Diéguez Consulting SL Arquitectura e Ingeniería Escénica, we realized that the definitions, according to the DRAE, were conceptually anchored in the 19th century, when in reality we acted with a horizon of the 21st century.

We decided to impose an innovative and expanding sense on these concepts in a radical way. 

Consulting and Consultant, local and individual, are currently called “Virtual Office” and “Multidisciplinary Human Team”, respectively. That would result in that no matter how wide and diverse the Knowledge bases and their Techniques are, and no matter how dispersed and remote they are geographically and disciplinary, never like today, have they been better and more closely cohesive and correlated with each other, with the Consultant and the Object of the Assignment; all thanks to the constantly evolving Media and Transportation.

In accordance with this desire and ideology, our García Diéguez Consulting began its journey with a large list of Collaborators from all the precise Knowledge Areas, both Scientific and Technical, Theoretical and Practical, with proven and well-known professionalism, which has allowed us to work in a wide field, from Reports and Opinions, to the drafting of Execution Projects of Architecture and Engineering of Shows, with great efficiency, speed and excellence in their achievements.

Advice to Architects on Preliminary Projects, Basic Projects and Execution in the different Scenic Specialties is currently the most requested work, without the Rehabilitation, Restoration, Reform, Adaptation or simple Equipment Innovation of Venues or Show Rooms escaping from our activity. that are included in each of these meanings.



García Diéguez Consulting is made up of a large number of expert professionals in the different specialties of Architecture and Scenic Engineering. 

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GDConsulting has the experience and knowledge you need 

If you require a team of professionals specialized in multiple areas of scenic architecture and engineering, at García Diéguez Consulting we can help you achieve excellence. 



You can consult all the information about our Scenic Consulting as well as about our work in detail in our downloadable dossier. 

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If you wish to contact GDConsulting, you can write to us through the following form or call us at +34 954 61 11 26 and we will be delighted to assist you.

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