Founding partner of García Diéguez Consulting. Project Director and Architecture Coordinator. Cinema Decorator “Institute of Cinematographic Research and Experiments, Madrid”. Qualified in “Set Design and Cinematography” (1957) PhD in Architecture. Senior Architect named by the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura, Madrid (1964). Professor at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Seville. Director of the Department of Architectonic Constructions and Emeritus Honorary Professor at the University of Seville. Lecturer on Doctorate Course: “Problems with Shape in Performance Spaces”. Extensive professional experiencesince 1964, mainly on residential works, having carried out Projects and Works Management. Vast experience in the Performance and Show sector, working on new-builds, restoration and reforms projects.


Founding partner of García Diéguez Consulting. Project Director and Coordinator of Stage Specialities. Specialist in electro-acoustic systems. Technical director at FactorQ film studios. Technical Director of the companies Apogee Servicios and Telecomunicaciones S.A., companies linked to the multinational SIEMANS. Companies dedicated to sound and lighting throughout Europe and the Middle East. Engineering design works and executive production of tours. Maintenance Director at Camoes Theatre for the state-run company EXPO 98, during the EXPO period, contracted as a civil servant for the Portuguese government. Operation manager: at Camoes theatre for the state-run company PARQUE DE LAS NACIONES during the post-Expo period. Technical Director of the EL PALENQUE performance area in collaboration with AGESA, state-run company, managing the former EXPO 92 installations. Project Director and manager of lighting systems (dimmers) and Ethernet lighting control with companies STONEX and ETC. Audio installation in show areas. Installations managerfor assembling and commissioning lighting systems (dimmers) and lighting control with the ThyssenKrupp-STONEX Joint Venture in the “BALUARTE” Conference Centre and Auditorium in Pamplona, Navarra.


Senior Architect, specialist in Architectural Heritage from the University of Seville and Politecnico di Milano. Experience in Museography and Stage Design. Masters in Performing Arts Studies. Masters in Business Administration. Expert in Planning Performance Spaces and Mechanical Structures. Responsible for the management of project teams, coordination of works and communication with collaborating and external teams. Responsible for project planning, supervising phase progress and integrating Stage Specialities with the architectonic project.


Architect specialising in occupational risk prevention, work safety, ergonomics and industrial psychosociology and safety. He is currently preparing his PMP certificate from the Project Management Institute. Coordinator of Stage Mechanics and Machinery projects, from the start of the project, during the planning, design and operation phases, until the project closure phase. His training and experience allows him to identify the needs proposed by the client and integrate them with different members of the project team.


Architect specialising in stage installations, lighting and audiovisuals. Architect with Erasmus Mundus Masters in Surveying and Repairing Buildings, specialising in Auditing and Energy Efficiency in rehabilitation, installation and structural calculations. Vast experience in projects for Museum, Cultural and Sport Spaces. Project Coordinator for Stage Installations, responsible for managing the integration of installation projects, conducting lighting and energy-saving studies and installation and structural calculations.


PhD in Architecture from the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura, Seville. Specialist in structures. Professor at the Department of Architectonic Construction at the University of Seville. Freelance architect and consultant. He has worked on more than 40 projects, acting as a consultant in designing, calculating structures and foundations in building works, having an influence on their structural design. He has created calculation programs for generating or analysing different structural types of mechanical behaviour.


Responsible for Architectural Acoustics studies. PhD in Architecture and exdirector of Escuela Superior de Arquitectura in Seville. He has participated in numerous acoustic projects applied to theatres, auditoriums and their needs for rehabilitation. He was the director of the Andalusian Government’s research project to analyse the acoustics of the theatre network. He collaborated on the research project that established the determining acoustic quality parameters in newly-built and renovated concert halls.


Engineering technician in Computing Systems, specialising in Physical Systems from the University of Seville. Specialising in Audiovisual Equipment, Telecommunications and Motorisation control. Director of the technical department in Apogee Telecomunicaciones, supervising and carrying out maintenance work on electronic equipment. Engineering and producing products that he designed.


Specialist in Design and assembling Stage Lighting. Vast experience in different activities carried out at a technical level and Lighting for travelling theatre companies. Experience in theatrical productions. Management of the sound and lighting equipment for shows on tour and technical assistance for theatrical companies on tour throughout Spain. Participating in Jazz, Rock, music and dance festivals, working directly with internationally-recognised artists and companies.